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In Geography, Class 2 have been looking at the physical and human geography of Kenya and the capital city, Nairobi. The children worked in groups to compare and contrast Nairobi and London.

We have been learning about the value of digits within a two digit number. The children worked in pairs using practical equipment to represent numbers..



In History, Class 2 have been working closely with Class 3 to discover what it means to learn about the past, how timelines are laid out and interesting information about The Gunpowder Plot in 1605. The children have written poems inspired by "Remember, remember, the 5th November..." so they won't forget the important facts about Guy Fawkes' plan. We also enjoyed an immersive experience with props and clothes from the 17th century: the students had chance to become Guy Fawkes!

The children began learning about writing instructions. To develop their understanding, children gave each other specific instructions in the playground such as, "Run over to the wall!", "Jump up and down ten times!" and "Hop to the fence!" 


As a class, we discussed the four main parts of a plant: the stem, leaf, flower and roots alongside what these parts are needed for. The children then independently completed a jigsaw of a plant and labelled it with the parts we had learnt.

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