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Class 2 Gallery 

Our Classroom


We spent time learning how to be mindful by breathing carefully. We grew from a seed to a tree, carefully mirrored our partners and listened to calming music while breathing deeply.


Year 1 have been learning how to draw using thick, thin, wavy and straight lines. We have also used different grades of pencil such as HB, 2B and 6B in our artwork. 

Class 2 Skip-a-thon



For Comic Relief, we had a Skipathon. We have been practising in our break times! 

During our fitness sessions, we have played lots of competitive team games and have used our knowledge from gymnastics.  

We have been learning about the important features of a plant and what plants need. We found out that plants need soil (food), light and water to grow. We grew cress in our window and watched how the stems, roots and leaves grew. 

Wellbeing and Playtimes

Catch it, Bin it, Kill it

We are really happy to be back at school in our bubble with our friends! 

Maths during lockdown

We know how to keep safe, healthy and happy in school. 


The children enjoyed lots of Christmassy activities during the final week of term. 

One way Year 1 continued with their maths learning during lockdown was by finding pairs of different objects. 


The children have been working very hard on their phase 5 phonics. 


It is important to learn that maps can look very different. 



Anti-Bullying Week

The children had lots of fun creating autumnal wreaths. 

The children have been learning how to catch and throw with increasing accuracy during PE lessons. 

To mark the beginning of Anti-Bullying Week, the children all wore odd socks to show that everyone is an individual. 

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