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EYFS and KS1 Summer Performance - Staying Mentally Healthy

This year, there have been lots of changes to our normal routines and it has been a challenge for everyone. At Askwith Primary School, we understand the importance of our mental health and we have incorporated many different activities to support the wellbeing of our children into everyday school life. The children in EYFS and KS1 have worked incredibly hard to put together an assembly about how they have stayed mentally healthy this year.

EYFS and KS1 Art Exhibition Video

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 we could not invite parents to view the art exhibition, but all of the children in school had the opportunity to view the beautiful artwork in their ‘bubbles’.


There are examples of the different techniques that the children have used such as mixing paint, drawing, sewing, making clay pots and tiles and printing. It is clear that the children have worked incredibly hard to create their artwork and we hope that you enjoy the video of the exhibition.

Viewing the EYFS and KS1 Art Exhibition

The children had a fantastic time viewing their artwork in the Art Exhibition. 


EYFS and KS1 Art Exhibition

The children had a fantastic time using clay to make pinch pots and tiles. Their patterns were inspired by South African music, a genre that we will be learning about soon in our music lessons.

The children worked very hard on their artwork this year. They have used a range of different techniques such as drawing with HB, 2B and 6B pencils, colour mixing, using tools to make patterns in clay, painting and printing with natural materials.

Sports Day

The children had a fantastic sports day that involved a sprint, a skipping race, a bear crawl and an egg and spoon race. We had lots of certificates to give out! 

Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby Athlete, Ayaz Bhuta

Enjoying the school field

The children enjoyed a visit from Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby Athlete, Ayaz Bhuta. They had a 'zoom' assembly and had the opportunity to ask Ayaz questions throughout the morning. After the assembly, the children took part in circuit training, led by Ayaz. They then went outside and put Ayaz's catching skills to the test. 

While the weather has been dry, the children have been making the most of the school field at playtimes. They have played lots of games and enjoyed drinks and healthy snacks under the shade of the trees. 



During fitness lessons, the children have been learning how to work as a team and how to communicate well to achieve an end goal. 

Year 2 have had extra tennis lessons this half term. They have learnt key skills needed to play tennis and applied these to matches. 

Mentally Healthy Week

One member of Year 2 shared how he felt about reading with the rest of the class:

"Reading feeds our mental health."


The children enjoyed 'Reading for Pleasure' in the school field, enjoying their reading books in the fresh air. They spent time listening to the sounds of nature around them. 

Nell Bank

Games at Playtime

The children did not let a bit a rain spoil their school trip. They had a wonderful day learning about animal habitats and the senses animals use to keep safe. The children also went on a minibeast hunt and enjoyed pond dipping. 

At playtime the children have been playing lots of games all together. This has helped them to stay mentally healthy. 



The children hve been learning about different pencil grades. They have worked together to experiment with how different pencil grades can change the way lines look on the page.

In Design and Technology, the children have been looking carefully at how to create patterns with running stitch. It takes lots of concentration!


We spent time learning how to be mindful by breathing carefully. We grew from a seed to a tree, carefully mirrored our partners and listened to calming music while breathing deeply.

Mindfulness Club

Class 3 Skip-a-thon


It is very important to look after your mental health. Class 3 have been enjoying taking some time out during the day to stay mentally healthy. 

The children have been taking part in extra fitness sessions every week. They have been learning how to keep physically fit and healthy. 

Catch it, Bin it, Kill it

Catch it, bin it, kill it! This is one of the most important ways to stay safe and healthy. 

Outdoor Learning

The children have been enjoying the lovely Spring weather and have been practising their observational drawing outside in the fresh air. 



How to wash you hands

Class 3 enjoy choosing their own books during 'reading for pleasure'. They bring their own from home or choose from the class library. 

In Art, the children made and used their own viewfinders to copy different types of lines around the classroom.

It is very important to wash your hands and Class 3 have been practising the six steps to handwashing.


The children enjoyed lots of Christmassy activities during the final week of term. 


Anti-Bullying Week


The children learnt how to stick different materials together to create an autumnal wreath. 

To mark the beginning of Anti-Bullying Week, the children all wore odd socks to show that everyone is an individual. 

The children have been learning how to catch and throw with increasing accuracy during PE lessons. 

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