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Class 4 Gallery

Our Classroom


Viewing the Art Exhibition 

Class 4 had a lovely afternoon speaking to our local vicar on Zoom. 

The children were proud to view their artwork in the KS2 Art Exhibition. 


Forest School Trip, Chevin Forest Park

The children designed and made their own printing blocks to create some Miro inspired artwork. 

Class 4 had a fantastic day visiting the forest school at Chevin Forest Park. They learnt how to make Stone Age tools and shelters. 

Sports Day


Class 4 competed in lots of fun races for Sports Day. The children took part in sprinting, hopping, skipping and bear crawl races. The children also raced to build a tower!

The children had fun learning how to play tchoukball with Mr Rowley.

Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby Athlete, Ayaz Bhuta

Mentally Healthy Week

The children enjoyed a visit from Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby Athlete, Ayaz Bhuta. They had a 'zoom' assembly and had the opportunity to ask Ayaz questions throughout the morning. After the assembly, the children took part in circuit training, led by Ayaz.

During mentally healthy week, the children enjoyed even more time outdoors and took part in Yoga sessions in the school field. The children hung their worries on the Worry Tree to help them to stay mentally healthy. 


Drawing and painting

"Take a Breath" The children performed a play in a day, thinking about how to take 'time out' from every day life to take care of their mental health. 

The children carefully looked at how to use drawing and painting to create a finished piece of artwork. 

Author Workshop

Glockenspiel Club

The children in Class 4 took part in an author workshop, via Zoom. 

During glockenspiel club, the children explored the different notes on the glockenspiels and began to learn short tunes. 


Class 4 Skip-a-thon

Colour Mixing

In RE, the children have been learning about Christian parables. They learnt about the stories and acted them out to the rest of the class. 

To build knowledge in art, the children were experimenting with paints. They learnt how to use just the right amount of each colour to make new colours. 

Roman Artefacts

Yoga at Playtime


To enhance their history learning, the children explored artefacts from the Roman times. 

To keep mentally healthy, all of the children have been taking part in yoga sessions at playtimes. 

The children enjoyed lots of Christmassy activities during the final week of term. 



Children in Need

In their fitness sessions, Class 4 have been learning how to keep their minds and bodies healthy. 

In PE, the children have learnt the importance of warming up and warming down before and after exercise. 

The children all took part in the 'Joe Wicks 24 hour PE challenge'. 


The children enjoyed taking part in an acid and alkali colour changing experiment. They also created autumnal collages, using a range of different materials. 

Anti-Bullying Week

To mark the beginning of Anti-Bullying Week, the children all wore odd socks to show that everyone is an individual. 

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