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Class 1 Gallery


Our Classroom

Computing - Bee-Bots

Computing - modelling

The children in Class 1 enjoyed using their knowledge of directions to give the Bee-Bots instructions to reach different items on the pirate map.

Another important aspect of Computing is modelling. The children in Class 1 created their own models to tell the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. 

National Poetry Day - Tony Peek

Come and read - phonics and reading

We celebrated National Poetry Day by working with the poet, Tony Peek. The children had a fantastic time listening to Tony's fun poems and using alliteration in their own poems. 

Reception have been learning different sounds in phonics. They have learned how to say, write, read and spell words with all of the new sounds that they have learned. We were very lucky to be able to invite some of the parents to join us for some phonics lessons and reading sessions. The children enjoyed showing them their learning and how hard they have been working. Thank you to the parents for joining us and we look forward to welcoming you again back soon.

How things work and computing

Pencil control

The children have been learning all about how things work, how to follow and give instructions to each other. We have been practising saying different directions including forwards, backwards, left and right.

We have been learning about how to sit and the correct pencil grip in preparation for writing. The children have tried really hard to develop their pencil control, including learning how to draw different lines, letters and their names.

Reading in Class 1

Maths: matching and sorting

We love reading in Class 1. During reading for pleasure, we have been learning how to hold books, turn pages carefully and how to talk about what we notice. Each day before lunchtime, we enjoy singing rhymes and choosing our own books to read.

We have been learning different ways of matching and sorting objects and the meaning of 'same' and 'different'. We used our knowledge to explain to each other the similarities and differences that we noticed.

Storytelling: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Mini Medics

This half term we are learning how to retell Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have been retelling the story together in different ways.

We had a visitor in school teaching the children how to perform first aid in an emergency and they are now all 'mini medics' Well done children!

European Day of Languages

The children in class 1 learnt about France on European Day of Languages. They particularly enjoyed creating handprints using the colours of the French flag. 

Askwith Community Phone Box

The children in Reception and Nursery had the opportunity to create some harvest inspired artwork to decorate the village phone box again using autumnal colours and their favourite fruit and vegetables! 

The phone box has been featured in the local news!

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