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Class 1 Gallery

Our Classroom

Reading for Pleasure

Harvest Assembly

Class 1 are enjoying daily reading for pleasure sessions. 

Harvest community phone box

Reception, Year 1 and 2 performed their Harvest Assembly to parents, grandparents and carers this week. They did a wonderful job and their singing was beautiful! 

Maths provision - number

The children really enjoyed creating harvest and autumn artwork for the community phone box in Askwith. They loved creating patterns by printing using bubble wrap!

Reception have been representing numbers up to five and have been practising outdoors. They were finding objects to show each number. 

Diwali - Diva Lamps

Technology - Beebots

The children have been using playdough to create Diva lamps for Diwali. They made a pinch pot by rolling the playdough into a ball, then pinching the sides to make a pot. The children then created their own patterns in the playdough Diva lamps using a variety of tools. The best tool was a PVA glue spreader! 

Class 1 have been exploring how instructions need to be clear and precise for a computer or a Beebot to understand them. We had fun finding different parts of the map outside and giving each other instructions. 

Poet visitor

Science - The weather in autumn

The children in class 1 thoroughly enjoyed the poet visitor. They sang along with songs to the tune of his guitar, made up stories with puppets and explored rhyming words.

The children have been investigating the weather in autumn. They have become weather watchers and have recorded the weather each day, along with what they would wear to stay warm and dry.

DT - modelling

Day of European Languages

Class 1 enjoyed designing and creating their own models using recycled materials. They explored the different ways to join materials using glue, sellotape and staples. 

Fine motor practice

The children had a wonderful time learning some phrases in German with our Swiss student, Alex. 

Meeting Julia Donaldson

Nursery and Reception are developing their fine motor skills during provision time.

The children in EYFS and KS1 had the pleasure of watching Julia Donaldson read her new book - The Baddies. During the Zoom call, Alex Scheffler showed the children the process behind drawing his unique and recognisable illustrations. 

Show and Tell


The children in Class 1 love to share with each other important items and events during Show and Tell time. 

We have painted our self-portraits and we carefully thought about the colour of our eyes, the shape of our face and our hair colour. 



The children in Class 1 have been exploring mathematical concepts in a variety of ways. They have many opportunities to use their new knowledge independently during provision time. 

The children love exploring the outdoor area to support the development of their gross motor skills, to build relationships with their peers and to investigate the elements around them. 

The Four Rs in Class 1

In Class 1, we are resilient, responsible, robust and respectful. 

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