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School Information


Our School Vision

At Askwith School, we celebrate the diversity of the world and the contributions made by all communities, races, cultures and beliefs.

We believe in unity and working together to make our school, our community and our world a better place.

We believe children and adults learn best when they work collaboratively in a shared learning process.

Our pupils have growth mindsets and value learning from mistakes and embrace challenge.

Dialogic teaching through active questioning permeates all of our aspects of work. It is the vital building block that nurtures confident, caring and independent children who have a passion for life-long learning.


School Structures

The school day begins at 8.45am and ends at 3.15pm for early years and key stage one. For key stage two, the school day begins at 9.00am and finishes at 3.30pm.  Lunchtime lasts for one hour for all children. 

For nursery (N) and reception pupils (R) there is no break as such, as children have access to free flow provision outside during morning and afternoon sessions. For the other children, there are two break-times, 20 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the afternoon. 


                          Drop off time              Pick up time

EYFS and KS1      8.30-8.45                    3.15-3.30

         KS2             8.45-9.00                   3.30-3.40


Below is an overview of the classes at Askwith Primary School:



Link to class timetable

Class 1 (Nursery and Reception)

Miss Brierley

Class 1 timetable

Class 2 (Years 1 and 2)

Mrs Timiney

Class 2 timetable

Class 3 (Years 3 and 4)

Miss Fox

Class 3 timetable

Class 4 (Years 5 and 6)

Mrs Longford

Class 4 timetable






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