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Class 4 Gallery

Our Classroom


Red Nose Day

The Year 5 & 6 children had a fabulous residential visit the Northumberland. Their 'exceptional' behaviour was commented on by members of the public. Well done children!

On Red Nose Day, the children held yet another successful bake sale. Thank you for all donations. 

Bun Sale

Sports Champion

Some of the Y6 children organised and ran a very successful bun sale.

The children enjoyed a training session with professional basketball player Danny Evans. 

World Book Day

Fire Service Visit

On World Book Day, some of the children took part in a 'book swap' where they wrapped up a book and swapped it for another wrapped up book.

The children enjoyed a visit from the local fire service. They had a tour of the fire engine and all of the life-saving equipment used by the firefighters. 

Once Upon A Time

Young Voices

Another hugely successful pantomime 'Once Upon a Time'. The children thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. 

The year 5 and 6 children took part in Young Voices at Sheffield on 5th January 2023. It was an amazing experience singing as part of a choir of 4,642 children. They also got to watch professional dancers, an amazing violin player, a beatbox group and Heather Small. They will also appear on a charity single recorded with Heather Small.

Police Visit


The Police came to Askwith to talk about the importance of Internet Safety. The children in Year 5 and 6 were also lucky enough to explore the features of a police car and try on some uniforms.

During science, the children used their connected knowledge of electricity to explore conductivity and the effect that adding an extra battery has on the circuit.

Odd socks for Anti-Bullying

Flat Stan First Aid

The children supported Anti-bullying Week by wearing odd socks.

The children in Year 5 and 6 learnt about keeping themselves and others safe in this interactive workshop. 

Healthy Schools at Harlow Carr

Keeping mentally healthy

The Year 6 children visited Harlow Carr for a 'healthy schools' workshop. They learnt about healthy eating, healthy food choices, ideas to reduce food waste and how to grow your own fruit and vegetables. They also made their own 'pot noodle' and planted seeds. The children will cascade their knowledge to the rest of the school through family groups. See our Keeping Physically Healthy page for more pictures.

The children regularly practise various techniques to maintain positive mental health.

Forensic Scientist - Mrs Wilson

Handbells club

The children took part in a hands-on workshop with a forensic scientist that explored different aspects of forensic science. The children used different method of gathering evidence and had the opportunity to ask lots of questions.

After taking part in an adult-led handbell club, some of the Y6 children organised and ran their own club for the Y3 and Y4 children.

Charity Presentations

Energy Pete

The Y6 children worked in groups to research and present information about four local charities. The rest of the school them voted to see which charity Askwith Primary School would support this year.

The children took part in a workshop with 'Energy Pete' which highlighted the different ways to save energy.

Homework Sharing

Book Sharing

Every week, the children have the opportunity to share their homework with the rest of the class and provide peer feedback on what they have seen.

The children regularly share their current reading book with other children in the class. They give a brief synopsis and make recommendations.

European Day of Languages

On European Day of Languages, the children worked with our visiting student from Switzerland, Alex, to learn German words and phrases.

World Poetry Day

On World Poetry Day, the children enjoyed a visit from a poet, acting out poems to the rest of the class. 

Remembering HM Queen Elizabeth II

The children used their books from The Jubilee Celebrations to learn more about the legacy of HM Queen Elizabeth II. 

Design and Technology

The children used their knowledge of CAMS and moving parts to design and make moving toys. 

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